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HOUSTON PROCESS SERVERS     713-816-6157     14173 Northwest Freeway Ste 173, Houston, TX 77040

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FAST SERVE CIVIL PROCESSING                       713-816-6157            [email protected]

We are the ones to call when you need to be rescued from your current process server, We are on call to answer you. We make sure your service of process is taken care of; We are quick, efficient and accurate. 

Our Process Servers in Houston Texas are the Best! 

Facts and Services

v Company Established 2006

v Experienced Process Servers authorized by the Texas Supreme Court

v Spanish Speaking Process Servers

v Email Updates

v Fast Pick Up Service

v Priority Rush Deliveries and Pickup Services

v Regular and Rush Filing

v Court walk through

v Records Retrieval

v Mobile Notary Service

v Service for Evasive Person (Skip Tracing)

v Locate/Search

v Out of County/Statewide/Out of State Process Service

v Citations

v Subpoenas

v Summons

v Notices

v Precepts

v Foreclosures Filing/Sale

v Motion and Order 106/536

v Certified Mail

v Lien Filings